• Posted on August 27, 2013 4:49 pm
    By Chris

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    This morning I sat my Microbiology Special Bacteriology exam which was the final exam that I had to complete to finish my first year and be allowed to progress onto my second. The system here works that if you do not pass all your credits and exams you cannot progress and will have to sit the entire year with just that subject again. I’ve now added my first year results to my diary and you can view my results here. I have a feeling that this post could turn into a ramble so my apologies in advance!

    Nearly a year ago now I set out to leave the UK to follow my dream of becoming a vet, and now I am 25% of the way there. This past year has been an eye opener for me as whilst the UK is good for some things, Eastern Europe leads the way in what would probably be called the common sense stuff. I came over expecting to be shocked with extreme poverty, poor conditions and yet have found that whilst extreme poverty does exist and life here is hard that people appreciate and make the most of what they have. It still gets me when people ask why I have come to their country that they do not believe that for me it was a choice. I wanted a practical course (and it definitely has been that) and also to show the UK Vet Schools that it is a consumer driven market and that they are not the only choice (have you seen how Bristol & the other schools have now dropped their fee’s?). I have a country with seasons, where its affordable to live, where people go around smiling, and where fast food is more expensive that having a meal out in a restaurant!

    Back to reason I am here, vet school in Slovakia has been different to what I am used to in the UK. In the UK we are taught that we need permission to do anything, where as here you are expected to jump straight in. When I’ve wanted to learn I have always found someone (whether a professor, surgeon, doctor or technician) that is willing to teach me, in fact the saying that the door is always open here means that. There is no booking appointments just to get the most basic question answered, in fact you are given responsibility. It is up to you to schedule your exams, to arrange your practice, to make sure that you know what is needed. Over the next few days I will try and write up some of my experiences from over the summer, obviously I’ve got patient confidentially to worry about, and in one case a paper that is due to be published!

    I love it here, I would never look to study within a UK University again, and I most definitely cannot wait until next year starts!

    Vet Student Chris with a Kitten for rehoming at UVM Kosice

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