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    By Chris
    Becoming a second year vet student photo

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    It’s hard for me to believe that I have been here over a year (1 Year and 2 days to be exact) and now like I registered for my first year last year, today I have registered for my second year as a vet student here at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice. I’m older, definitely wiser, yet still full of energy (well flu at least) and excited to start. Registration was a lot simpler this year as it was basically entering the modules we want to take into our study records and then submitting this for approval.

    Last year I started with no expectations and very little idea of what to expect, this year I’ve calculated that over the next semester I should have a total of 49 hours a week of classes and practical scheduled. I’ve not even got some of them in my timetable yet! Rumours from older years is that this is “hell year”, the part of the course that either makes you or breaks you. Next year is easier as instead of trying to cram loads of information into you, the focus is on the state examinations required to become a veterinary surgeon. In the meantime here is a look at just what I have coming up next semester…

    Monday is a jam packed day, I start at 7:15am with Pharmacology which is the study of the effect of drugs on the body. Then at 8:55am I have Nutrition and dietetics which this year is looking at how diet is managed to help with clinical diseases such as diabetes. Moving on at 10:45am I have Pathological Physiology which is the study of disease processes on the body. These are followed at 12:25 by the pharmacology practical (I dunno what we do here yet…) and then at 14:05 by the Pathological physiology practical which again I am not sure what it’s about.

    Tuesday is a slightly later start at 8am with Clinical Diagnostics, I am generally expecting a lecture on different exam techniques and this is followed by a gap (which I am sure will be filled shortly) until 12:15 when I have Pharmacy and therapeutics – which I have absolutely no clue about. I have a feeling it could be more focused on legislation and laws then anything animal related… Next up is a Nutrition and dietetics practical at 14:05 and then a clinical diagnostics practical at 17:25 finishing the day at 7pm.

    Wednesday looks slightly better with a 7:15am start for Radiology and Imaging Diagnostics, then a Pharmacy and therapeutics practical at 9:45 followed by Parasitology at 12:25. At the moment (though am also sure it will be filled) I am free to revise from 14:04 for my anatomy credits on Thursday.

    Now Thursday has always been a hard day with a weekly test for the past year, we’ve only got 1 semester of anatomy to go now and start at 8:05 with the lecture with the practical starting at 8:55. This semester we should be looking at angiology (blood vessels and the heart) and neurology (brain and nerves), though the exam is combined with everything we covered in splanchology (organs) from last semester so is going be very difficult. My anatomy practical is followed straight after by Parasitology practical at 11:35. My day then finishes at 15:45 with a practical for Radiology and Imaging diagnostics.

    Friday has over the past year had subjects I struggled with, however this semester is filled with Toxicology with the lecture at 8am and then the practical at 12:25. This is something I find especially interesting because as well as poisons, this subject covers the metabolism of drugs, and the effects of overdosing and underdosing (along with how to treat other poisons).

    In addition to this I’ve also elected to take two optional subjects this semester: Breeding and diseases of reptiles and terrarial animals, and diseases of small mammals. Both this subjects fall into my special area of interest which is exotic animals so I feel are essential for my learning and time well spent.

    Here is to starting the next year on my journey to becoming the greatest vet I can be!

    Becoming a second year vet student photo

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