• Posted on September 16, 2013 10:18 pm
    By Chris

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    Well today was my second first day, that is my first day of my second year as a vet student. I left dorms around 6:30am this morning as I wanted to check in on the horses before I started lectures today (there’s been rumours over the past few weeks that there will be a umbilical hernia arriving in a foal yet its not arrived…).

    So we started today with a Pharmacology lecture, this was interesting as it appears that the university has a “new” pharmacology and toxicology building round the corner outside of campus which has bigger lecture theatres (which are definitely needed). The lecture was pretty basic covering the different classes of drugs (Mass Produced vs. Magistral and officinal preparations) however did look into history a bit which was slightly interesting (I might write some of this up as a separate post)!

    We then headed back to campus to start our second semester of Nutrition and Dietetics, this semester will we be looking more at the requirements of animals and how to formulate diets to the match their needs. Last semester we looked at the different properties of various foodstuffs to give us the understanding required to do this.

    Next up was Pathological Physiology (or as I will be calling it from now on Pathophysiology) which is the study of disease processes and dysfunction within the body. This is rumoured to be probably the hardest exam of the year when I have to do it next summer however is also one of the most interesting subjects. After the introduction we started looking at the effect of fever on the body which is pretty interesting as whilst I know the basics I had not got anywhere near this much understanding. The practical then continued this, however was done in a question and answer session which really made us realise just how little we remembered from physiology last year.

    Pharmacology practical was a little bit of a let down as instead of anything drug related we went straight back into Latin (which I hate!). Here in Slovakia at least all prescriptions have to be written in Latin. This is a double edged sword as whilst I can already write English, it opens up every other country where English is not used for (so vets leaving England may struggle).

    For now I will leave it there! Here is to tomorrow which looks to be another packed day!

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