• Posted on September 18, 2013 11:30 pm
    By Chris

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    Well today is my second day with an early lecture, my first lecture this morning is at 7:15 and is Radiology and Imaging Diagnostics. This basically means ways to look inside patients using x-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI and so forth. After this I was straight into the Pharmacy and Therapeutics practical, as I said yesterday this is not the most practical subject however covers things we are required to know (at least for Slovakia). Today we looked at how the pharmacoapea works, and how to interpret the information within it.

    I had been invited into surgery this morning so went from pharmacy to this, basically I am pretty interested in anaesthetic and with my practice from the summer can be slightly useful. During this week and next the final year Slovak student’s have an intense equine practical session which is why today’s surgery which is a castration was brought into clinic instead of being performed in the field. This also meant the entire session was being conducted in Slovak so also gave me a chance to work on my understanding some more.

    I know I’ve mentioned it previously however equine surgery tends to be a team effort, there generally needs to be at least 2 vets one for the surgery and the second just for anaesthesia. Something I am especially interested in is the recovery process, I believe it’s really important that I understand the normal so that when something is out I can recognise that its wrong and at least attempt to do something about it.

    Following this there was still the reproductive case in clinic that was still being checked daily. So from my 6am start this morning, I got home from uni for the final time today around 11 pm ready to be back at 8am tommorow morning for anatomy. This week so far is exhausting me, and I think it is going be a case of reducing just how much I am trying to do so that I am still alive at the end of semester!

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