• Posted on September 19, 2013 6:33 pm
    By Chris

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    Well today is probably my most practical day of the week, I have my Anatomy, Parasitology and Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging practicals back to back. Whilst interesting it does mean that I have a block of classes from 8am to 3pm without any break. So this semester we are covering Angiology (the heart and blood vessels), neurology (the brain and nerves) and also everything from last semester as well.

    Today was focused on the heart which whilst on paper is suprising simple turns into a nightmare when it is out of the body by itself. This is mainly because you have to orient yourself with the left and right views of it which until you understand what you are looking at is pretty complex. Basically we have to know all the different muscles that operate all the different valves in addition to the parts and vessels. On top of this we have to know the interspecies differences which include for example that cows have a bone inside the heart the ossa cordis.

    After Anatomy it was then time for Parasitology, this week as an introduction lecture basically was another recap of lab safety and a quick overview of what the different egg types look like.

    To finish the day we started our Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging practicals which was cool as it was with one of the doctors I had worked with over the summer. This week was very dry for me however as I have done Radiology within my previous in a lot more detail than we went into here, I am just hoping it improves over the next few weeks when we start looking at specific regions of the body… I am especially looking forward to the last few lectures which are on ultrasonography – a skill I am getting better at but still struggle with!

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