• Posted on September 20, 2013 8:30 pm
    By Chris
    Veterinary Toxicology

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    Well today is my last day of my second first week of vet school here in Slovakia, I honestly do now know where the time has gone and am pretty exhausted. I think I am going have to slow down over the next few weeks as if I continue like this I will not make it to Christmas without getting sick. I just want to be the most amazing vet I can so am doing the same as everyone else plus extra stuff outside of the set curriculum.

    Today we have only one (long) subject starting the morning with a lecture then a 3 hour in veterinary Toxicology. To start off with the most basic thing, anything can be a poison in excess so in addition to looking at the common poisons we also look at the effect of medications and so on taken in excess. The lecture this morning was really interesting as we started looking at the history of toxicology which actually seems to be pretty much developed by assassins in the old ages before it became a science in the past 100 or so years.

    The practical today was another introductory lecture, and was focused on lab safety – I get the feeling that this time they were serious when telling us that we could die if we did not follow their rules. They reinforced these multiple times with different videos on how to behave in the lab, and then started talking a bit about arsenic and cyanide so I am a little nervous now especially as the morning lecture was about how arsenic is not detectable by taste, colour or smell.

    The rest of the practical was looking at to collect different samples and get them to a lab. This was interesting as the curve ball of how do you sample for fish poisons in water supplies and the logistical side of things.

    Veterinary Toxicology

    Now for a weekend of reading and writing up notes! Until next week people 🙂

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