• Posted on November 8, 2013 9:49 pm
    By Chris

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    It’s nearly Christmas (or at least that is what the shops would have you think), for me however Christmas means exams and with the end of week 8 I am getting ever closer – just 5 weeks of the semester to go now. So this week has been a tough one, we had a rectors day off on Monday which I spent most of in surgery with a horse doing a thoracocentesis (I am writing this up in a separate post).

    Now Tuesday is clinical diagnostics and nutrition, this week was a credit test in nutrition which basically consists of 25 ruminant (cow) based multiple choice questions on the proportions of different feedstuffs, the ages at which different feeds are needed and so forth. Basically after I finish here I will know more about farm animals than anyone ever should, and surprisingly little about cats, dogs and other companion animals…. Oooops! I also managed to fit a second thoracocentesis in this morning as well which was pretty cool.

    So moving onto Wednesday, my only day without any exams this week, as Monday was off I kept getting confused and thinking it was only Tuesday today. We started with Radiology lecture, followed by Parasitology lecture and then by an afternoon where I started with my first surgical procedure on a live patient (read about my first surgery here).

    Thursday was a bit of a disaster with Anatomy as I managed to get things backwards with the a. femoris and a. femoris profundus and so failed. Next week is the brain, and today it just looked like grey blobs that had no meaning whatsoever.

    Today was Toxicology with us looking at Organophosphates which are otherwise known as insecticides and appear in many flea, ant trap and spray products. Sadly these products are also responsible for a lot of poisonings worldwide.

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