• Posted on November 24, 2013 11:07 pm
    By Chris
    Second year passes by with study, sleep and surgery

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    Where has the time gone! I keep meaning to update my diary yet time just seems to vanish so quickly – tomorrow starts week 11 of my semester (just 3 weeks of teaching left) and 4 Sundays until Christmas. This semester has been a big change for me from last year, I’ve been working on an amazing project part time to help cover my tuition and it seems that I just cannot afford to put my books back and stop studying. At times I thought it was tough last year, yet this year has just made it look like childs play with bigger tests, and the quantity of information that I have to find space for in my brain is just staggering.

    This week I have a radiology exam, its just 30 questions yet covers everything from the spine, the thorax (chest cavity) and the abdomen. This may not seem like a lot however each area has different techniques, different anatomy, and different radiological signs of disease associated with it. Then there are all the different things to learn about how to position an animal to get the best image based on the presenting symptoms, and in fact lists of how not to position an animal with different suspected diseases. For example in the UK its against regulations to be in the same room when an xray is being taken so to combat this a lot of times general anaesthesia is used. Yet this has many side effects including muscle relaxation – fine when looking at legs and so forth yet very deadly when dealing with a suspected spinal trauma where the muscles help prevent further movement.

    This is then followed by an anatomy test Thursday on the different nerves in the forelimb – where they are, what they do and where they go. So again another busy class, when I saw my timetable I believed that it was truly going be easy, yet the reading required just to keep up removes all free time from the schedule. With that said though, I am going try to work backwards a bit to cover some of the highlights that have happened done over the past month or so!

    Second year passes by with study, sleep and surgery

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