• Posted on December 8, 2013 10:39 pm
    By Chris
    Kosice snowy view

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    Just a very quick entry to cover this weekend as I have been slacking recently and desperately want to get back into the habit of keeping my diary updated as it also helps me remember stuff. This weekend has been very busy from me, starting with being woken up early Saturday morning with a single word text message…


    Now going instantly from asleep to pulling on clothes, sprinting out the door to arrive at the clinic just 18 minutes from the time I got the text message. Now when I get a message like this I do not know any details, I just know that I was needed there immediately so move as fast as I can. In emergencies things happen fast, there have been cases where things are over in a couple of hours to things being over weeks later. In this case it had also been snowing overnight so I had ice to contend with on my way as well…

    Kosice snowy view

    There had been a horse admitted Friday that had an unknown history, and then a second horse admitted for colic. Now colic is a horse owners worst nightmare, and something that warrants immediate veterinary attention – time here can be crucial and delaying to see whether it fixes itself is an extremely big risk. This patient had been moved straight in and had been treated and monitored overnight, now the surgeon was doing the exam to determine the exact cause and treatment program. In this case it was diagnosed as proximal enteritidis – meaning that it was medical treatment and not surgical though the horse still needed careful monitoring to avoid complications.

    Next on the list was the horse with the unknown history, a large swelling on the face warranted drainage so this was done and then lavage to kill the bacteria. After this we drained an abscess on a hospitalised patient and then I spent some time monitoring the colic patient. In the afternoon I managed to grab some food (breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) all rolled into one before heading back to the stables to give the 5pm medications. Colic horse was doing well, and the owner had arrived for the horse with the unknown history so I spent some time collecting a history so that we could formulate a plan for investigation Monday morning.

    I had the doctor arrive in the evening to check the patients, and whilst he was here another emergency call came in, this time for a eye. After grabbing the eye kit we started out, this time it was a field visit in the snow and pretty cold. The patient had a opaque cornea – basically the usually transparent front of the eye had become completely white when the owners had come check on her in the evening. Now this being done we did an exam and gave medication before leaving.

    Now today started for me with a 8am check of all the patients in the stable, before the doctor arrived with news that the eye may have got worse and so we were going to do a suprapalbebral cannula – basically where we put a tube into the top of the eyelid to administer medications easier. On arrival however we found that the eye was looking a lot better. After this I spent some more time with the history taking for the mystery horse and then went out to field again at dinnertime to check on the eye again. This eye was healing extremely well with parts of the anterior chamber and lens now visible.

    Now it really is time for me to study, read up on tomorrow’s procedures, and then grab a few hours sleep before a 5am start tomorrow.

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