• Posted on December 13, 2013 8:23 pm
    By Chris
    Psoroptes mite

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    Well today was the last day of teaching for Semester 3, its hard to believe as it feels like just yesterday when I was writing about starting the new semester. So much has happened that I barely know where to begin when rounding up this year so I guess I will compare it to this time last year.

    Last year was my first year, I knew very little and so was planning to do my exams in the “ages” I had before the next semester started – strangely ages was not really ages and so this year I’ve learnt and so far have got 3 of my 7 exams done. I should update my progress record in a bit however so far I have passed

    • Diseases of Small Mammals – A grade
    • Diseases & Breeding of Reptiles – A grade
    • Pharmacy & Therapeutics – B grade (85%)

    The exams I have left are slightly bigger…

    • Radiology and Imaging Diagnostics (everything xray + ultrasound)
    • Toxicology (all the different poisons for all different animals)
    • Nutrition (everything from 2 semesters)
    • Anatomy II (organs, blood vessels and the nervous system)

    So now I am looking at trying to get either Radiology or Toxicology finished this next week, both are pretty tough but I think that Radiology exam, may be the easier for me as it is something that I really enjoy as it can tell you a lot for such a quick test. Then again toxicology may be the best to get out of the way so that I can do Radiology followed by the next two in early January… I like being able to organise my own exam timetable, but also find it is a nightmare for procrastination and leaving exams to the last minute.

    Anyways, onto my semester, this year has been a lot more interesting as I have been working on a project with the university to implement a new IT system for students to be able to view surgeries online. This means that I’ve had the chance to play with some equipment that otherwise I wouldn’t – and also means that i have been collecting material to go onto the website later. On the other side of this my classes have also been more interesting, I absolutely love pathophysiology – I have a problem with curiousity as I love to understand why and how things happen. This was one of the things I hated with my first degree as we were expected to just accept that things were.

    I guess highlights from this semester include doing my first surgical procedure, getting to see a lot, and then getting to learn a lot. My biggest hate this semester has been parasitology, even after studying for weeks the blobs and dots under the microscope still mean nothing to me. Its going be a pain as the final exam is next summer so covers a year worth of parasites. The last couple of classes we moved onto ectoparasites so ticks and fleas which I understand a lot better and actually make sense as you can see what they are under the microscope – take a look at this one for example….

    Psoroptes mite

    This is a Psoroptes mite, looks rather like a monster doesn’t it!?!

    In all, things have been clicking into place and I am becoming more confident that maybe I can learn to become a vet in the remaining 2 and a half years I have left here.

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