• Posted on January 14, 2014 5:35 pm
    By Chris
    Fracking causes tap water to burn

    Sometimes you can look at people, and wonder just what their problem is. However until you take the time to educate yourself in an issue you are in no position to judge. Now I’ve seen the news about fracking in the UK, along with the protests against it, personally I knew nothing so I didn’t see the problems so didn’t pay much attention. Until last night when this video popped up during a break from revising inflammation.

    [youtube_sc url=”4ApZkNsXfJE” title=”Should%20your%20tap%20water%20burn%20like%20this?” modestbranding=”1″]

    Now that is impressive, just what does it take to make your tap water go up in flames? In this case it was fracking… I knew that they used water under high pressure to crack the shale bed, I didn’t know that they pumped it full of a massive long list of the chemicals (poisons) that came up in Toxicology last semester such as glycol ethers (aka antifreeze which is highly fatal in pets). In fact some of these chemicals are so bad in laboratories you cannot put it down the drain, and instead have to pay loads of money for it to be disposed of by special companies.

    Now being honest, its gotta be pretty much common sense that if you put something into a box, close that box, and come back ages later that the thing you put into it is still there. Now if the fracking cowboys put chemicals into the ground, only remove around a 1 third of them for disposal, it is logical that the remaining 66% remain in the ground to find its own way out. And with the entire objective being to create cracks as passages for the gas to be extracted these cracks also act as a distribution system for these highly dangerous chemicals.

    Reading a little more I came across the Gasland documentary which looks at the problems in America caused by fracking, and Gasland 2 which looks at recent progress including the government coverup (oil companies pay for elections apparently) and how it has affected Australia as well. I honestly urge you to take a few hours to watch these (or at least the first one) and educate yourself on why we need to tell the energy companies to frac off!

    Gasland Documentary 1 on Youtube

    [youtube_sc url=”96AEzQYangE” title=”Gasland%20Documentary%20from%20Youtube” modestbranding=”1″ autohide=”1″]

    Gasland Documentary 2 on Vimeo

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