• Posted on January 25, 2014 7:12 pm
    By Chris
    Very cute stray kitten

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    Wow so today is rather special for me, it is 500 days since I sold everything I owned and moved to Slovakia to start my journey to become a vet. Since then there have been days where I’ve been amazed, days where I’ve cried, days where I’ve wondered if I was good enough and days where I pushed myself past my limits. I take a lot of photo’s, its a way that I use to learn stuff as I remember stuff better when I see it than read about it, however only a few of these make it onto my diary. Sometimes I judge it too gruesome (aka bloody) to post, sometimes its a patient, and sometimes they just do not relate to the days subject.

    Today I am going share a few of these photo’s that never made it onto the diary (ok i’ve found too many so will do 10 today… and 10 tomorrow…)…

    So in my 500 days as a vet student I’ve washed cats…

    Drying a wet catMade friends with calves…
    Making a new friendMet some extremely cute kittens…
    Very cute kitten

    Learnt a whole lot about horses… And am not so scared anymore…Chris's first time with a horse

    Had a goat try to eat my coat…Coat eating goat

    Looked inside a gos-hawks mouth…Inside a hawks mouth

    Met some cute rescued stray kittens….Very cute stray kitten

    Seen some very cute lambs…Lambs

    Visited a pigeon show and seen some weird and wonder pigeons…Weird and wonderful pigeon

    Met some very beautiful horses….Very cute horse

    And with that I will continue tommorow….

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  1. Marjorie and Silver

    Being a vet mus be amazing, and hard work, and fun and awesome and, at the end of the day SO Worthwhile!!

    Thank you.

    Marjorie and Silver


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