• Posted on January 29, 2014 7:32 pm
    By Chris

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    Sometimes when people wonder if they are good enough, the ugly option may be to just find out. Yet when you start to think you are good enough, and then fail it can introduce doubt into your mind. This has happened to me with parasitology. Not once, but twice. Even after studying.

    It’s frustrating to me, I can name all the anatomy, understand all the physiology, and the pathologic physiology that goes along with that. Yet I cannot answer some stupid questions about microscopic monsters. Why not? I do not know… Thats what scares me.

    Its scary now because you only get 3 attempts to pass an exam here before they kick you out. Tomorrow at 1pm I am sitting my parasites credit for the third and final time, tomorrow I will find out if I am good enough.

    Now I am going back to study.

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