• Posted on February 10, 2014 8:49 pm
    By Chris

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    So today was the start of my second semester of my second year of vet school here in Slovakia. To be honest it was a pretty slow start with a lecture for pharmacology at 7:15 in the morning, a big massive gap until a pharmacology practical at 1pm and then Clinical diagnostics lecture at 3. Luckily I managed to find some stuff to occupy the gap as I am organising a student conference in March for Emergency and Critical Care.

    Pharmacology is the study of drug action on the body which is also known as pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. Today we started looking at antibiotics again, it seems that there is a lot of repetition between subjects which is giving me a lot more confident that by the time I graduate that I will remember stuff.

    So this semester is my 4th semester here, and is looking to be the toughest so far. This semester I start several new subjects:

    • Pathological Anatomy – The physical effects of disease, injury, or malfunction of the body. Basically everything needed for post mortem, and for when it comes to surgery to be able to know whats wrong and whats right and why.
    • Epizootology – This is basically infectious diseases mixed in with some epidemiology.
    • Food Hygiene – Basically everything about food, from eggs through to cows this subject basically looks at a lot of meat stuff including slaughter methods and abattoir inspection.
    • General Surgery and Anaesthesia – This is the start of my official surgical training, basically going be covering a lot of theory from what I have heard.
    • Falconry and Wildlife Rehab – Exactly what it says in the name! An extra optional subject I am picking up as I believe it is a very important topic!

    So with that the ones I am looking forward to most are Pathological Anatomy and General Surgery! I will report back when it comes to them later in the week!

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