• Posted on February 18, 2014 7:05 pm
    By Chris
    Guinea pig uterus prolapse

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    The first chance I got this morning I rushed into clinic to check on yesterdays guinea pig patient. Now when I left after surgery last night the prognosis was pretty poor, this was a patient with a reoccurring prolapse of the uterus. It initially presented and was replaced after the guinea pig gave birth (it was a rescue animal so pregnancy and birth was unexpected). This is what a guinea pig prolapse looks like (and requires immediate veterinary attention)…

    Guinea pig uterus prolapse

    Unfortunately in guinea pigs (as in many animals) a prolapse once it occurs is likely to occur again. In the case of guinea pigs the recommended solution is to neuter the guinea pig to remove the organs involved and so prevent the prolapse happening again. This is what last nights surgery last night did, in addition the cervix was also fixed to the abdominal wall to help prevent the remaining stump of the uterus prolapsing again. After the surgery I was pretty pessimistic as to the outcome, however arriving today I found the guinea pig alive, and with an appetite which was a much better outcome than I ever imagined so put me in a very good mood for the rest of the day.

    After this quick break it was time for pathological anatomy with today being our first lecture after last weeks was cancelled. This is something I enjoy as its very practical and todays lecture was around the post-mortem changes within the body. The practical after was then basically a post-mortem of what I believe was a victim from a RTA (Road Traffic Accident) with severe internal injuries. After last week we were expected to be able to carry out the procedure ourselves with only assistance in identifying the pathology which we did pretty well. To be honest I find this pretty interesting, I am not sure where I heard it but the saying this is where the dead speak is pretty true as if you know what you are looking at you can piece together a story.

    After this I had another short break so popped back to check the guinea pig, and also saw another very interesting case of a rat with skin that had a jelly feel. Still not entirely sure what this was but was very interesting to see…

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