• Posted on February 26, 2014 10:47 pm
    By Chris

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    So today started badly as because of the Norwegian program my Falconry and Wildlife Rehab lecture was cancelled leaving me with just patho physiology and parasitology lectures followed by my general surgery practical. Well so though I have seen plenty placed, I’ve never actually got to place a cannula into a cat before. Something about my first ever attempt being in front of a owner, on a sick (and very stressed) cat, with the associated pressure always kinda gave me pause. Not to mention the claws and teeth that cats possess!

    Today’s general surgery class was all about how and where to give different injections using various techniques (on cadavers). A few of the group were then allowed to attempt cannulation – basically inserting a port into the vein which is then kept there as long as needed. Now someone in my group tried the vein lower down and failed, which caused a hematoma (bruise). So my attempt was a little higher than I would normally like – you are supposed to try to avoid joints etc – however as no one else jumped forward I decided to give it a go.

    Now I found blood straight away (meaning I found the vein), however trying to get the cannula into place I lost it. Basically this part is really fiddly as a cannula is basically a silicone tube over a metal stylet, once you are in the vein you need to push the tube in further whilst taking out the stylet… This is a lot more difficult then it sounds one handed. So after going a little wonky beside the vein with some fiddling I managed to get it into the vein properly. Now this meant I then had to fix it in, so using the sticky tape I had prepared I attempted to do this, so I found that this is also more difficult than I expected – added to the fact I think I cut the tape strips too long – so it didn’t look as pretty as it could have, however it worked.

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