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    By Chris
    UVM Kosice Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Weekend Proceedings 2014

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    I think I need to explain where my time has gone in the past month. One of the things I believe in and am passionate about is that every vet student deserves the chance to be the best they can. It is what drives me to push my own limits, and over here in Slovakia when comparing it to the UK students tend to be forgotten. At the end of 2012 I spoke to the BSAVA (British Small Animal Veterinary Association) about setting up a student rep program out here as they have in the UK and became the first BSAVA International Student Rep. I am extremely grateful to the BSAVA for such an opportunity and it is something that proved very popular for students here (6 students are joining me at BSAVA Congress 2014!), and since then I have pursued other avenues as well to ensure students here get the same support as students in the UK.

    In January I arranged for students here to attend the Webinar Vet Virtual Congress 2014 which went down really well. In addition to this I also managed to secure some new books for the university library.

    Last April at BSAVA Congress I discussed the possibility of getting some funding for a clinical club lecture which is something UK students get to invite guest speakers to events for vet students. Now inviting a guest speaker is difficult here (with the transport involving flights etc) so I decided to host a clinical club weekend. Asking students what they wanted a topic of Emergency and Critical Care was selected, and I set about finding speakers for it. I now have 3 speakers joining us for the weekend, with the entire Saturday going to lectures, followed by a conference dinner and then the Sunday being full of practical workshop sessions to give students the chance to develop essential skills. I’ve had great support to make this weekend truly outstanding from people I have met at BSAVA Congress previously including Deni from MILA International Inc and Durgham from IMS Euro Ltd along with Royal Canin!

    This has been a big undertaking, and for the next week will take up most of my time. It is very exciting having the opportunity to develop new things here. I will try to keep you updated with the progress of the event as it starts to happen!

    Just 10 days to go now!

    UVM Kosice Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Weekend Proceedings 2014

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