• Posted on March 24, 2014 8:43 pm
    By Chris
    UVM Kosice Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Weekend

    Sponsored by Royal Canin, MILA International, IMS Euro and supported by the BSAVA

    Well as I said in my last diary post, I have been busy working on organising a conference here for students at the university. This took place over the past weekend and was a big success with over 120 people attending the lecture stream and another 100 participating in the workshops on the Sunday with great support from the sponsors!

    UVM Kosice Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Weekend

    The topic was a relatively new field in Veterinary Medicine, that of Veterinary Emergency and Critical care which has been rapidly changing and evolving over the past few years (along with the way emergency cover is provided). Whilst UVM Kosice does have doctors on call 24 hours a day, there is no staffed emergency clinic (purely because of the lack of demand) so I was really excited to run this weekend with vets that work only in Emergency and Critical Care. We had both Chris Parratt and Kevin Kirchofer from the VetsNow Emergency center in Glasgow, along with Dr Leona Raušerová from Brnu Vet School Emergency clinic. Also as a added bonus Royal Canin organised for us to have Dr Ladislav Smatana to talk to us about critical care nutrition in dogs and cats which is something that is often overlooked and forgotten.

    Personally I was too busy with my organisational tasks to attend many of the sessions, however what I did get to see was absolutely amazing. There have been so many advancements and with stuff from the front line of Emergency and Critical Care. For example something that I had never considered was one of the most common poisonings seen is that of xylitol, an artificial sweetener used in chewing gum… Just one stick of gum is enough to kill a dog!

    The weekend had great feedback, and I am now going focus on finishing this semester and getting all my summer exams finished!

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