• Posted on April 4, 2014 4:41 pm
    By Chris
    PLH Medical F1 simulator at BSAVA Congress 2014

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    Well today is day 2 of congress 2014, unlike yesterday there are quite a few lectures that interest me today with a big focus on the Farm Pets and Wildlife lecture streams which were very interesting. I picked up quite a few useful ideas which I can use back here, however also realised how different medications were in the UK.

    So in Slovakia when a medication is needed we can simply select a drug with the correct chemical and dose whether it is for human or animal. In the UK this is completely different as there is a “cascade” system where if there is a drug available that is licensed for that animal we are forced to use it regardless of the cost. Anyways onto the rest of my day…

    I attended the Supreme Petfoods Rabbit lecture with the Rabbit expert Molly Varga, this was interesting as it appears that urinary disease is becoming a more common problem. This was said to be at similar levels as dental disease which is probably the biggest problem that rabbits kept as pets experience.

    I then tried to improve my time in the PLH Medical F1 simulator and managed to knock 20 seconds off.

    PLH Medical F1 simulator at BSAVA Congress 2014

    At the end of the day when I was just leaving I got invited to attend the BSAVA Congress Banquet by The Webinar Vet. Now I’ve never been to a banquet before so this was really exciting… The only catch was I was walking out of the exhibition and the banquet started in 30 minutes time so I absolutely had to sprint back to the hotel to shower and change! I made it back and it really was an amazing evening…

    BSAVA Congress 2014 Banquet

    Now the President of the BSAVA is originally an Australian (though has lived in the UK for a long time now) so when it came to food Prof. Michael Day decided to bring some Australian influence to the table with this Vegemite toast….

    Prof Michael Day Vegemite Toast

    Dinner was followed by an amazing Jazz set by The Hot Jazz Biscuits!

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