• Posted on April 7, 2014 11:55 pm
    By Chris
    Landing back in Eastern Europe

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    Well today I woke up in Birmingham at 2am, left Birmingham to goto Luton Airport at 3am and finally got home to Slovakia at midnight.

    When I booked my flights I looked for the cheapest out of the options that were available to me. There are 3 airports in this part of the world: Kosice, Budapest and Debrecen and for some reason Debrecen was the cheapest option for the flights. We were expecting to be able to drive straight to the airport however my friend had problems with the car so instead we were forced onto trains.

    Now landing in Debrecen I was happy to be back as I was greeted with 24 degree weather and amazing sun straight off the plane in contrast to the pouring rain I had left behind in Luton.Landing back in Eastern EuropeNow this then turned into a 3 hour train journey to Budapest to be able to get a connection back to Kosice…

    So fast forward to a little after 7pm when we are finally on the train back to Kosice, ticket inspector comes around and basically says that there are planned engineering works and the journey will take an hour longer than usual… So instead of arriving back to Kosice at 10pm it will be closer to 11pm.

    Next time I think I will pay the extra 50 euros to fly direct to Kosice….

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