• Posted on April 16, 2014 9:04 pm
    By Chris
    Birthday parcel from Eickemeyer

    So today is my birthday, the second one I have spent here in Slovakia yet today has been made special with a surprise birthday present from Eickemeyer

    Birthday parcel from EickemeyerSo this morning I had an early start so got to university to find the classroom door locked and the lights off… Seems my class was cancelled and somehow this escaped my attention. It wasn’t all bad though as I ended up spending the morning and early afternoon with the plastic surgeon which was pretty cool as I am starting to learn stuff which is way above what vet students normally get taught. After this I then had my general surgery practical which was on suture techniques for hollow organs and tendons which was pretty cool.

    Now after all this was over I finally got back to my birthday parcel, opening it up I found I had a box of Eickcoll which is a head collar/cone to stop animals removing sutures along with bandage material, pens and a new t-shirt!

    Present from EickemeyerUnderneath this however was a second smaller box, now for some reason I always that the really cool stuff is always in the smaller box…

    The small box in the big boxIn this case it really proved true with this being inside this smaller box…

    Eickemeyer Surtron electrosurgery unitOk so looks very pretty doesn’t it?!? But what does it do???

    This is a electrosurgery machine, if you have ever watched a medical show such as ER, or Grays you will have seen one used as this is nicknamed the “bovie” (as it was invented by physicist William Bovie and neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing). It’s a machine that uses electricity both to coagulate vessels to stop bleeding, and can also be used to cut through tissues as well! Originally they were giant (unreliable) machines, now however its a small computer controlled box that allows an exact charge to be applied making them perfect for delicate work.

    Now during BSAVA Congress in the Avian Medicine and Surgery lectures this was listed as an essential piece of equipment for anyone doing avian (bird) surgery because when you deal with a small 50g bird the maximum “safe” blood loss is a total of around 0.35ml. With electrosurgery (or radiotherapy as its properly called) equipment like this you can control and minimize the bleeding during surgery and so improve the outcome for the patient.

    Hopefully I will be able to put this to good use over the next few years as I am hoping to do my thesis into minimally invasive surgery in exotic patients!

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