• Posted on May 5, 2014 7:04 pm
    By Chris
    Monitoring Anaesthesia in Surgery

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    Wow, where does time go? It feels like only last week I was talking about Day 500 (check out 500 days of vet school in pictures) where I did a photo roundup of my vet school highlights. So today I decided that I would talk about the highlights of my past 100 days (what I can remember of them anyways!).

    So these 100 days have been nearly an entire semester of vet school for me, and in some cases such as food hygiene (the exam which I have tomorrow) my entire education in a certain area of veterinary medicine. It’s been interesting really to learn how meat is actually slaughtered, processed and packaged to go out to retail.

    I’ve also started Pathological Anatomy which is the study of disease processes on the structure of body tissues, this is pretty cool as we’ve done 6 post-mortem exams during this class. The rest of the classes go towards looking at the microscopic changes in the structure, its really important to understand exactly what a disease does before you can work out how best to treat it. Its classes like this that separate vets from anyone just searching google for symptoms (and in some cases trying to self-medicate) – vets understand the small details!

    Anyways this semester has also been my falconry and wildlife rehabilitation training which has been absolutely amazing. This is something that is not really touched on in a lot of universities however I am very lucky here that they do!

    Another new thing we’ve started is Epizootology which is the study of infectious diseases, this is a 3 semester module so very big and so I hope to find some time in the summer to go over everything we have done so far this semester to try and stay on top of it! It is interesting as to me at least it shows how we fail as humans in turning a blind eye to things that are problems until they really blow up into a crisis.

    This has also been my introduction to surgery and anaesthesia which has been a whirlwind tour of a massive field crammed into just 48 hours over the 13 weeks! Really scary when you think about it…

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