• Posted on May 6, 2014 7:01 pm
    By Chris
    Meat Hygiene Vet student visits

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    Well today was my meat hygiene exam, this looks at all the requirements for the production of food products from poultry, fish and game. This was the subject for which I visited a chicken slaughterhouse (you can read about my visit here) along with a fish processing plant and other not so interesting places such as a mayonnaise factory for egg processing.

    So the exam paper was 10 pages long with a short answer question and a long answer question on each day. The short answer were either for temperatures – such as what temperature game meat needs to be kept at, or how many days eggs can be marketed as extra fresh for. The long questions needed more input, there was one in my case looking at the diagnosis and transmission of TB (Tuberculosis) in birds, another one wanted the slaughter process for poultry, another to describe the qualifications for a layperson to inspect game carcasses. It’s all pretty interesting as general knowledge however unless you are going to specialise in one of the specific areas is going be rarely used.

    When I finished I was not entirely sure how I felt about my paper, it was one of those where I was going do really bad or really well. In this case however I did really well, I found out about 3 days after the exam that I had got myself a A!!! Still not entirely sure how but definitely am not complaining here!

    I guess the biggest lesson I am taking away from this though is that smoked salmon is not always smoked salmon! Apparently it’s totally legal to market it as smoked salmon when instead of using a smoking chamber they just use the “aroma” of smokedness! Really don’t like this one and so you should always check the pack ingredients to see if it lists an aroma or if it is proper smoked salmon!!!

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