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    Dog getting massage

    As any dog owner will know, grooming your pet is an important experience for both involved. Brushing and washing your dog from a puppy makes the experience better in the long run, and can be a real bonding experience for the owner and dog. It should always be as enjoyable as possible for the dog, and be cut short before it gets bored.

    The Basics
    Keeping your dog healthy and clean can help to prevent countless problems including periodontal disease, ear infections and yeast infections. There’s an easy way to remember the routine – Cleanliness, Health, Appearance, Inspection and Relationship, or CHAIR. Ensure you clean your dogs eyes, ears, mouth and nose carefully, and brush the dog regularly, depending on its hair length; some need once a week, whereas some can be groomed just once a month. Make sure you know your dog well so you can look out for unusual irritations, and be aware of any special needs you may need to take them to the vets for. Before you do anything you should brush your dog thoroughly with a good brush – matting in fur can trap bacteria which causes yeast infections, and can pull skin back from the muscle.

    How Spas Can Help
    As well as getting veterinary treatments and regular cleaning, many dog owners like to treat their pooches to alternative therapies which sometimes come in the form of doggy day spas where the trouble is taken from you.

    You might want to take your pet on holiday with you, but find it isn’t allowed into many buildings – and we know they deserve better than a cage in a room. The Las Vegas Doggy Day Care allows you to leave your dog in the capable hands of their specialists who groom and massage the dog, as well as a thorough clean, which aids blood circulation and keeps muscles loose. They even have a live camera page so worried owners can keep an eye on their pets – if your dog is a lucky mascot for your online gambling at GamingClub.co.uk, you can at least have his image nearby when trying your luck at the casino. The Ritzy Canine Carriage House in New York has customized beds, a range of exercise and agility equipment and many options for massage and grooming.


    At Home
    You too can replicate the feel of a canine spa at home, if you feel like indulging your pup. Some websites will teach you how to give your dog a relaxing massage to warm up, calm or ease their tension; try incorporating nice smells like green tea, candles and cinnamon. If it smells good to you it’ll smell good to them.

    Some dogs don’t like to be dressed up but if you can get them comfortable with it at a young age, there are a few places that design clothes for dogs – even American Apparel! As well as designer collars, clothes and hats, there is also a special brand of dog nail varnish called Pawlish, which isn’t damaging to the dog like human varnish is.


    This is just the tip of the iceberg though. While grooming is a vital part of a dog’s routine, alternative therapies such as using magnets, crystals, herbs and therapeutic touch are becoming more popular. Acupuncture and reflexology are also used more and more to prevent stress and disease in dogs. But remember – any treatment should be followed with lots of praise and treats to ensure future attempts are easy on everyone.

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