• Posted on June 30, 2014 11:37 pm
    By Chris
    Arriving in Montpellier for Royal Canin

    Well today i finished my journey around 3pm, over 24 hours after i originally set out. I am here to attend a Royal Canin Student Ambassador meeting and my flights and expenses are being covered by them during the time I am here. I will however as always continue writing uninfluenced by this and will be as factual and honest as I can. Without the support of Royal Canin to do this I would never be able to afford to do this myself and so I thank them for the opportunity!

    There will be nearly 50 vet students from vet schools around the world (including Taiwan, Malaysia, most of Europe and South Africa) which is pretty cool and I am excited to meet so many new people. Royal Canin is one of the big brands of companion animal nutritional, yet I have no understanding at all of their products or company. The first day of the meeting will be consisting of lectures on different aspects of clinical nutrition before looking at the Royal Canin philosophy. This will be very interesting for me as so far in my studies as a vet student I have only done around 5 hours focused on dogs and cats!

    This will be followed by a trip to the beach (it is the¬†Mediterranean after all) which I am extremely excited about. It’s been a long time since I have been to a beach, and even longer since I have swam in the sea! Evening dinner will be a great chance to network and find out more about the world, and then on Wednesday we will be visiting the Royal Canin headquarters in Aimargues. We’re going behind the scenes through the research labs and the complete food production process (sadly for industrial security I cannot get photo’s of this) and also meeting the cats and dogs that help develop the food!

    I will try and blog stuff from this as I get time! Its a very jam packed few days and I see myself very exhausted when it comes time to leave…

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