• Posted on August 21, 2014 11:19 pm
    By Chris
    What is vaccination

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    I wrote this earlier this even in response to a question asked on social media, it is a pretty good quick summary so thought I’d also share it here!

    The science of vaccination is that it teaches the immune system to recognise the “markers” of a disease in a “controlled” manner. It takes time for the immune system to recognise and respond to a new disease. By teaching it to recognise a disease it means that the response in future is faster. From memory (I don’t have time to check exact timing atm) the first exposure to a disease takes around a week to produce an immune response to the disease, the second “booster” reduces this to a couple of days.

    This is important because there are several stages in the course of a disease, and being able to recognise and start the “fight” against the disease earlier can mean a better outcome.

    The problem is that in addition to the physical damage from the disease the disease also increases the stress on the body. This takes its toll and whilst the disease may not itself be fatal, the body can be simply overwhelmed from trying to deal with it. Being able to recognise the disease early before it takes hold means that a serious thing may be just a “bump” in the road.

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