• Posted on August 28, 2014 9:26 pm
    By Chris

    I am pretty gutted writting this, yet it also feels like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. As I feared at Christmas with my workload parasitology proved too much and I failed to pass it in time (the deadline was today). This means that I have failed the year and will have to resit the year to repeat parasitology before I am allowed to progress onto the next year. I AM INTENDING TO REPEAT THIS SUBJECT, I AM STILL A VET STUDENT, AND IT MAY NOT BE THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD

    So I am disappointed in myself, and pretty embarrassed. Not being the only one to have failed what is labelled “hell year” does make me feel a bit better. I’ve passed so many subjects this past year that I feel I have learnt nothing at all, gained a lot of weight, and had so little sleep its untrue.

    On the upside so next year I will still be a 4th year vet student here doing just 1 class a week. There are special arrangements available with the fee’s for doing it so it won’t break the bank. In addition to being able to use the time to complete my thesis and research project and to get extra clinical practice this also means that I will have time to study the things that I skimmed over in depth, I passed pharmacology for example, yet know so little about drug interactions it is untrue! Or physiology and whilst I understand the basics my neurophysiology is seriously lacking! I honestly believe that by spending an extra year studying I will be a better vet at the end of it (especially as I can study stuff not normally on the curriculum like exotics!)!

    In addition it will also give me the time to get back to my diary, finish writing my first aid book, and catch up on a lot of other things! Not to mention I will be able to get some exercise!!!

    I am gutted, I was so close to being able to do it and with another week I would have, but rules are rules and this way I hope by seeing the positive I really will finish a better doctor!

    Thank you to everyone that has supported me, it really has meant everything to me, I really am sorry to have let you down so badly. It was not through lack of trying but lack of time!

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  1. Ian Hicken

    You haven’t let anyone down Chris – face the challenge and move forward as I know you will. These situations happen – see them as opportunities not threats. You have already outlined what this extra time will allow you to do – go for it and best wishes – we need caring vets like you so I look forward to hearing about your new plans and adventures in the years to come.


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