• Posted on August 30, 2014 10:55 pm
    By Chris
    Marine Mammal Medicine trip to Germany

    Quite a few months ago now I applied and was accepted on the EAZWV Marine Mammal Medicine 2014 student summer school. This year the summer school is taking place in Germany and I have just finished packing to leave early tommorow morning.

    The cheapest way for me to travel was by train, and so I have a 9 hour train journey tommorow through Hungary, Austria and then part of Germany. Now Germany is a country I have never had the pleasure of visiting before so I am a little excited about that, however the thing that has my full excitement already is just what I will be doing.

    Now even though the UK is surround by sea, its easy to forget about the amazing animals that live below these waves. I have written in the past about the BDMLR stranding response charity however at present there is basically nothing taught about this marine mammals in vet school. To be given the opportunity to attend this workshop will give me knowledge to be able to take the next steps in treating these animals.

    For the week there are only 20 students from across Europe, with us being lucky enough to be taught by 15 of the leading marine mammal vets, behaviourists, nutritionists, conservationists, pathologists and physiologists.

    I will be in Germany until Friday evening, however hopefully will be able to get online to update my diary each day as the programme for the week looks amazing! For now however I really must sleep as I am up again to catch my train in just over 5 hours!

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