• Posted on August 31, 2014 6:42 pm
    By Chris
    First dolphin - germany marine mammal medicine summer school

    Well after one of the longest train journeys of my life I have arrived at my home for the next 5 days, Tiergarten Nurnberg in Germany!!! Yes I am staying at a zoo for a week!

    So obviously the first thing that we did after saying hi to each other and setting up our sleeping camp was to go exploring the zoo! Even though I am trained as a Marine Mammal Medic I have never met a dolphin in real life yet… So today that changed and I met my first 5 dolphins – and found out just how mischeivious they really are when one decided to try and splash us (intentionally) with its tail!

    First dolphin - germany marine mammal medicine summer school

    We also took a quick look around the rest of the zoo (we get an official tour in the morning) and tried to find the polar bear (failed here though)! The rest of the evening is a icebreaker social with pizza so I am going leave the diary there for today! Speak tommorow!

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