• Posted on October 14, 2014 9:48 pm
    By Chris

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    When I woke up this morning I had no plans other than class, and yet somehow I found myself drawn towards the surgical department. Today I got lucky and walked in as they were looking for a student to assist on a anal tumour resection in a dog and so I ended up scrubbing in.

    Now though I’ve assisted on surgeries in other departments, this was my first time scrubbing in with small animal. So grabbing a surgical cap and face mask I start the process of scrubbing, there are different ways to do this from the timed method to the counting method. It does feel weird washing your hands and forearms for 5 minutes though…

    Stepping into the operating theatre my heart started racing, I stepped forward and took a surgical gown. Dropping it down by the inside of the neck and slipping my arms in until my hands were by the cuffs, a nurse stepped forward to tie the back. Then it was time to glove, I am a size 7 so the nurse opened the outer packet allowing me to grab the inner sterile packet. Opening this out, left glove first, always touching the inside never the outside, and then right glove, this time with outside of the left glove to outside of the right glove.

    Hands up, stepping forward towards our patient. Breathing restricted by the mask, hands always up and in, the surgical lights being warm as we work.

    What a rush… Amazing… And the best thing? Apparently the feeling doesn’t get old!

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