• Posted on November 29, 2014 5:31 am
    By Chris

    Please ignore any spelling mistakes, I am still slightly tipsy, however I feel like typing so will with the blunt and honest truth. There is no sponsor on this post because of this.

    So today I passed my general epizootology exam with a B grade, this means that I achieved over 80%… To get a first class degreee in the UK you only need to achieve 70%. I am a overachiever, I push myself to my limits. I work part time in addition to studying, so generally I manage to study and work, but lack the social life. Tonight I decided to attend the matriculation ball which welcomes new students to the university, partly to celebrate passing general epizootology, but mainly because after my workload over the past month I needed to unwind.

    However I do not drink to unwind, my relaxation comes from conversation, some of them extremely random but put some of the smartest people in the same room, add some alcohol and you have some very interesting conversations. So for the past 8 hours I have been talking, not just veterinary but about different cultures, different languages and different opinions. Whether that is with a professor, a doctor, or another student. It is fascinating how each day I live and learn.

    The truth is that I live, eat and breath veterinary medicine, I fall asleep reading, I wake up wondering about patients from the day before, I fall asleep wondering if patients will still be alive when I wake. Its not a job, its a way of life. Its what you eat drink and breath. Sure you can be ordinary, but that is boring. When you believe you can achieve anything, sometimes it is better to do something than nothing… Sometimes you just have to.

    It is hard, sometimes I feel like giving up… Then I remember just how much difference I can make. Sometimes it’s about the one person standing for something that drives that crucial change. Changing bandages every 3 hours, or sitting 4 hours bagging a patient to give them that chance to recover. Sometimes its even smaller, just checking a temperature, or spending 10 minutes reading can make a difference.

    I am a vet student, I am very lucky to be here, and one day I will be great. However I came from nothing, everyday I appreciate every single thing I have, every single thing I’ve achieved, and every single life that I’ve impacted in some positive way.

    My goal is to be extroadinary, to push boundaries, and to improve the lives of animals. With that I can go to sleep soundly, even if I am to be woken shortly with a call to help.

    I am a vet student, I don’t have a social life, I am proud, and I chose this way of life because I can make a difference.

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