• Posted on June 27, 2015 10:36 pm
    By Chris

    So today we are going learn how to cook a dog, this is a seasonal dish for car owners easiest to prepare during the summer period and can be done in as little as 10 minutes during the sun’s peak hours.

    Now the entire goal of the cooking process is to overwhelm the internal regulation of the dogs temperature which is controlled in the brain so we need to raise the temperature to above 41 degrees Celsius. The best way to do this is by parking the car in direct sunlight, and limiting the sources of ventilation – simply leave the window open a slit which will ensure fresh oxygen whilst not lowering the temperature of the car.

    You can tell when this is starting to occur with heat cramps and heat exhaustion where the dogs’ activity decreases and they cannot walk without pain. At this stage you are well on your way to cooking your dog and have successfully overcome many of the dogs protective response systems…

    • The behaviour mechanism is overwhelmed as the dog cannot move to a cool area…
    • The blood flow to organs decreases and flow to the skin increases…
    • There is no evaporative cooling as the air exchange is not high enough because we leave just a slit of the window open… and then this only really works when the tongue is wet.
    • Radiation and convection (movement of heat from hot to cold) do not work as all the extra heat has nowhere to go, the environment is all hot…

    So just keep going, it’s only going take a little while longer until your dog is cooked. The dogs’ body still isn’t ready to give up though, and a big response from the cells will try to protect the tissue for the injury that is coming.

    Now we are here, the bodies organs start to shut down, the temperature causes the cells inside these organs to die. Here the enzymes start not working so cell energy production changes to not use oxygen anymore, we need to be careful here as the pH will change to acidosis.

    The brain cells start to die as well now, there is also big swelling, and now maybe you will see some seizures or coma.

    The cells from the lining inside the stomach and intestines die, and break off into the gut causing loads of bleeding. The same with the kidneys with cells from the kidney dying and breaking off. Most important here is making the liver is properly cooked, this is where the cells for blood clotting are made so if we get rid of this then we can get rid of all the blood from the body by uncontrollable bleeding.

    If you are here your dog is pretty cooked. How long did that take? 15 minutes? 30 minutes?

    If you suspect a dog is suffering from heatstroke you need to get them cooled and to a vet

    The best way is to transport them on the backseat of a car sprayed with cold water and with both windows open to help the cooling process. DO NOT USE WET TOWELS – this is a myth and will in fact trap the heat inside the body.

    If you have to go somewhere not allowing dogs,, it may be kinder to leave them in the shade at home.

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