• Posted on July 9, 2015 1:30 pm
    By Chris
    Zebra exploded by Leopard

    So today in a quick break from revision I wanted to share this video that was sent to me earlier today as a bit of cheer.

    When an animal dies, and is left in the sun the decomposition causes the release of gas within the body – especially from food that remains in the digestive tract. This can cause the body to swell whch is known as bloat.

    I’ve seen it happen personally with a horse, it was very entertaining to see a friend get covered in crap but this video is from a zebra. And for it to be a hungry leopard that causes the explosion when it finds a zebra carcass in the Djuma Private Game Reserve in South Africa.

    It was caught on camera too, so if you have the stomach to watch (it is bloody!) check it out here:

    [youtube_sc url=”rAVKp_T8hH8″ title=”Leopard%20explodes%20a%20zebra”]

    For anyone more curious, it takes a good few bites because the abdomen is pretty tough, there is a layer of skin, then muscle, then the peritonium as well. Muscles tend to solidify and get really touch on death because of rigor mortis. Also where the leopard was biting is around where the bladder is located so the jet could also be urine.

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