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    Dog safety in summer

    Summer is the time for relaxation and enjoyment. However, during this time, the temperature rises, thus, imposing perils not only to humans, but also to pets. If you wish your animal pals to be protected from any unforeseen incidents, you need to be aware of these common dangers to avoid:

    Ticks and Mites

    Because most of your time will be spent outdoors, ticks and mites are considered the biggest threats. With this, veterinarians recommend that dog owners should regularly check their furry pals for any signs of ticks and mites, at least once a day.

    Although it is hard to spot them on dogs with thicker coats, these can still be removed using tweezers. If these are tolerated, these may possibly carry fatal diseases like Lyme disease, which causes the dogs to feel tired and feverish. In the event you notice these pests, it is recommended that you talk to your vet immediately to know the best possible medication.

    Heat Stroke and Dehydration


    Similar to humans, heat stroke and dehydration are among the very serious threats to your dogs during the hot summer days. So, it is important that you keep your pets fresh and clean. Also, you have to make sure potable water is always available.

    If you are planning to take them on afternoon walks or on long vacations, you have to carry portable water bowls to keep them hydrated.

    Dogs with thick coats are also prone to heat stress. If you ever notice any of the signs below, consult the veterinarian immediately.

    • dullness
    • dry gums
    • lack of appetite
    • tired eyes

    Bee Stings

    For humans, bee stings are never really pleasant; same as to dogs. But, whenever they hear these sounds, pets tend to investigate. And due to their curiosity, it might get them stung. When this happens, the best thing you can do is to call your vet. He can enumerate some over-the-counter medicines you can buy to treat your pal.

    Sometimes, the dogs react to swelling. If they feel really annoyed, there are possibilities that they might scratch the infected area, which results in pulling out the fur. Once you notice them to act this way, bring your dog to the vet immediately.

    Added Fur

    Grooming is really important for dogs during the warm summer days. Hence, every pet owner must regularly brush their pets more often to eliminate any excess fur, which will only contribute to heat stress. If you are planning to cut them off, make sure they are not too short though. The coat can also protect them from the intense summer heat.

    Other Predators

    Because summer means more time spent outdoors, there are possibilities of encountering slithering snakes. Some of them may be harmless, but always remember that a snake bite can always cause fatalities than your pet’s bark. Therefore, you must not wait for this to happen and protect your pet, as well as your family, against these serpents, by keeping your place clean.

    Toxic Food

    dog bones

    Everyone loves to have a good meal, even dogs. But, not all human food is safe for them. During summer, having a barbecue party is a norm. And during this time, your dogs may become exposed to onions, garlic, raisins and grapes, which are all toxic if taken in large quantities.

    In addition to these, there are other foods that pose a threat to your dogs, such as:

    • Fruits with Pits
      Avocados, peaches, apples, and other pitted fruits may cause choking hazards to them.
    • Corn on the Cob
      Dogs have difficulties in digesting corn cobs. Eating this may result in diarrhea.
    • Food with Bones
      Bones are toys for dogs. But, real bones should not be made play items. The bones’ sharp edges may only damage their throat, which might later cause further complications in their digestive tract.
    • Caffeine-Rich Products
      Any caffeine-rich food can be fatal to your canine. And what’s worse is that there is no cure for this. Whenever they get poisoned with caffeine, your dogs might experience rapid breathing, muscle tremors, heart palpitations, and tiredness.
    • Chocolate
      All kinds of chocolate are dangerous for your dogs. If your dog eats it, even the smallest icing in a plate, may cause your furry pal to vomit. It can also result in seizures and anomalous heart rhythm.

    All the dangers listed here sound scary and alarming. But, with preparation and vigilance, your pooches can beat off the summer heat and create fun memories with you.


    Author: Jordan Walker

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