• Posted on January 11, 2016 12:29 am
    By Chris
    Visiting Wroclaw Vet School

    Being a vet student makes you a member of a truly international community. This is a community of caring, hardworking and extremely compassionate people all with the same goal of helping animals.

    It is through members of this community that today I ended up at Wroclaw vet school. This is one of X vet schools in Poland. They have a good English language programme though it is more expensive than in Kosice.

    There are good and bad things with every school – however my point of visiting was to see the clinics here. These are all situated in the city center of Wroclaw – the Veterinary faculty itself is part of the larger Wroclaw university and so the grounds are also shared with human clinics.in addition to the animal.

    The l buildings all seem relatively new with a high standard of facilities especially for large animal. Students were considered during the design stage with things like viewing galleries built in for equine and large animal surgery.

    The small animal operating theatres had something I have not seen before with the anaesthesia circuits on ceiling mounted arms. This does make it easier to clean the floor – however I wonder how easy it is to clean the tops of the ceiling beams here.

    The internal clinic was however very impressive with each specialism having it’s own consult room and facilities. This allows for students to follow a specific speciality for the day instead of the open plan layout we.have.in Kosice.

    Within veterinary medicine and different schools there are always differences, and I think this is where you have to balance between the negatives and positives for you. If everyone did everything the same there would be very limited advances.

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