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    By Chris
    Prof Noel Fitzpatrick discusses computer modelling for surgery

    Turning up to a field you’d normally be expecting some farm work, however this wasn’t just any field, for the next two days this was the home of nearly a 1000 vets and vet nurses attending the second Vet Festival.

    Arrival to the vet festival 2016Last September I was invited to join the first ever vet festival – and this year I had been invited back again. The passion last year for giving solid information that can be implemented the minute you arrived back to practice was amazing and so I was extremely excited to be again. This time it was bigger and better…

    Prof Nick Bacon LaparotomyThe day started with Prof Nick Bacon talking about laparotomies where the abdomen is opened with a scalpel for the surgery to be performed. This was complimented by Philipp Mayhew who then spoke about laparoscopic surgery where it is done using a camera through just a small opening in the abdomen.

    Micro hip ball and socket joint replacement implant

    One of the benefits about being at a festival is the exhibitor village, and today was no exception taking a little while to go round and talk to people is always worthwhile. Today I found myself spending some time with BioMedtrix who make implants for joint replacement. A lot of veterinary companies offer technical backing to their products which is essential – and so I ended up with an introduction to joint replacements. The implants here are hip replacements for small dogs and cats – you can see just how small these are and how the small bone is that they will go into…

    Securos surgical tta cage and plateLast year at Vet Festival I was introduced to external fixation in a workshop with Jerry O’Riordan and Freelance Surgical which was pretty cool. This year it was Centaur Services running the practical zone and I decided to take a look at an alternative technique for cranial cruciate ligament repair. I’ve seen MMP,  TPLO, and TTA Rapid already so here was a new technique with the TTA principle however with a different style of cage and plate. The Securos Surgical Cruciate Repair system has a smaller profile cage which is inserted into the bone to change the angle, and then a plate to fix it into position and support it. The main benefit here is that it can revised easily later on.

    Prof Noel Fitzpatrick discusses computer modelling for surgery

    The day ended with Prof Noel Fitzpatrick talking about Wobbler and lumbosacral diseases in the dog. This can be very painful and so is something that really needs attention – however is a very complex set of conditions to treat often requiring surgery for which there are many options. Something that Noel brought to the front of the conversation is computer modelling for the best surgical outcome, being able to plan the surgery and then test the outcome before doing the surgery is something that will reduce the risk of surgery. However such a thing will not remove the risk of surgery as there are a lot of variables involved including staff, facilities, instruments, and most important the rehabilitation.

    The evening finished with a private festival just for conference attendees – The Vet Festival which was really cool and a chance to relax with some amazing bands.

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