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    By Chris
    Tour de Vet III route map

    Vets spend their entire days helping animals and their humans deal with diseases and problems, and often when the time comes the vet will also help them say goodbye. Vets suffer from a high rate of suicide, the job is stressful, most days involve death, and a lot of vets are so busy helping others that they forget about themselves. It is a constant rollercoaster of emotion every single day, and the end the question that is not asked is who helps the vets?

    The answer in the UK at least is a small charity called Vetlife which runs a helpline just for vets along with providing other useful service to help vets in need. However the charity is completely self funded and relies on a lot of fundraising to do the work it does to help vets – whether students or many years in practice.

    Check out some of the peopled helped in the video below:

    Now one of my friends Mike Brampton has taken it even further – and in order to help raise funds for Vetlife is cycling over 1100Km around Scotland and it’s islands with two vets Alasdair Hotson-Moore and Peter Dobromylskyj. However it is not just about vets, as every evening the trio is helping animals by delivering training sessions in Anaesthesia and Soft Tissue Surgery to vets along the route.

    Tour de Vet III route map

    I ask you now to help us get the message out there by liking their Facebook page, liking and sharing their updates https://www.facebook.com/TourDeVet3/

    If you can help towards the goal of £10,000 then please check out the Just Giving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/TDV3

    This is the one time that helping vets will also help animals so is extremely worthwhile and is something that I support 100%!

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