• Posted on September 19, 2016 9:36 pm
    By Chris
    Vet student in surgery

    I remember many years ago watching ER with Carter dealing with a burn victim and on failing being told it doesn’t get any worse than this. No matter how much time you spend in clinic there are always going be surprises. Especially when you think it cannot get any worse, something will come in and take that place. I’ve seen some horrific things, sometimes enough that I wonder if I sleep if I will get nightmares.

    The scary thing is however that a lot of horrific things are also extremely cool. Today was one of those horrific things that was also amazingly cool.

    Cool because the kitten was alive. Cool because the kitten was ok neurologically. And cool because it was not something that you will see every day. Actually not sure when you would see it at all.

    Now these are where the skills that cannot be taught in the classroom really are tested. I like a challenge, and this is definitely that. When the discussion you are having is whether what you are looking at is skull or dura (the covering of the brain).

    Yes. There is a kitten running around. Playing. Drinking. With a great massive hole in its head.

    So now to do something? I’ve spent hours and hours in textbooks and cannot find a single mention of what to do. We’ve not got CT or MRI. I so wish we did so that we knew what it was, and what was underneath.

    Is there a brain abscess? Dunno… Maybe.

    So kitten is scheduled in for cleaning of the wound. And then maybe we will know more.

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