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    It’s completely normal for your dog to shed hair in their home. After all, it’s a natural way for them to get rid of old or damaged hair. And it’s also a good way for them to get rid of the thick coat that they developed in winter! But when your pooch starts to shed more regularly, there might be something going on. Here are some surprising reasons why your dog is shedding excessively.

    Your dog is under too much stress

    A lot of pet owners don’t realise that their pet is under stress. But it can cause health problems for your dog. And one of these is excessive shedding. The first thing your family should do is work out why your pooch is stressed. Have you moved home recently? Or have you got a new pet? It might be something as simple as their bed is not in its normal position. Once you have figured out why your dog is stressed, you can sort the issue. However, if there is no explanation, you can buy a calming remedy for your dog. It might be a calming spray that you plug-in, or some chews which will help reduce anxiety.

    Your pooch is eating a poor diet

    If you have been scrimping on pet food, it could be the reason for excessive shedding. Low-quality dog food might not have the adequate nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy. Therefore, you should buy an excellent quality dog food which will stop the excessive shedding. As well as making sure the food is good quality, you need to make sure your pooch hasn’t got any allergies to particular food. As this article says, experiment with different brands to find one which will help your pooch’s coat to stay thick and healthy.

    Your pet has fleas

    I think fleas are the biggest pain pet owners face. Once your pet has them, it’s hard to get rid of them quickly. And you might not realise that excessive shedding could be down to fleas. After all, your dog is trying to remove them quickly from their body. Therefore, buy a flea comb and look for any signs of the pests. If you do spot them, you need to buy some flea treatment as soon as possible. And buy some preventive tablets, so that it won’t be a regular occurrence. Also, make sure you clean your home to get rid of the flea-infested fur; you can click here to find a good vacuum to remove dog hair in your home!

    Your dog has an underlying medical problem

    Unfortunately, if your dog is shedding, it might be down to something more serious. Underlying medical problems such as kidney or liver issues could be causing the excessive shedding. In fact, excessive shedding is a symptom of kidney failure. Therefore, it’s time to take your beloved pooch to the vet so that they can check everything is okay. The sooner you take them, the more likely there will be something that they can do to help your pet.

    And make sure you go to see the vet if the shedding is causing bald spots and skin irritation. They will be able to suggest a treatment which can help to reduce the shedding and give your pooch some much-needed relief.

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