• Posted on December 15, 2016 11:11 pm
    By Chris

    Sometimes out pets can be extremely fussy when it comes to food turning their nose up at specific flavours or types. It can get even more complicated when they are on a medically prescribed diet.

    Where there are so many different types and flavours available it can be confusing to know what to feed and especially if your furbaby will like it before you buy it. However the internet is here to help you – not just for reading about different types of food or researching the nutrient requirements to match your pets age and medical status.

    The rise of free stuff uk websites also give you the benefit of finding free samples of pet foods for dogs, cats, and even rabbits in some cases. These are often sent directly from the manufacturer or distributor in a smaller pack size of the food as a way to try and get you to start using them to feed your pet. However these are a great way to see if your pet likes the flavour and style of food.

    For example you can try this free offer to try Wafcol dog food, in the past there have also been offers from Pedigree and other manufacturers. Sometimes also vet practices or rescues may offer free samples of different foods when you register a new pet with them.

    In some pets such as rabbits it is especially not to make drastic changes in the food which can cause an upset stomach. For these animals it is often best to introduce a new food gradually.

    Once you have found a food that they like it is important not to run out. In the UK you can even order pet food in bulk from amazon on a scheduled delivery so that you always have a good supply without having the last minute stress of finding something for them to eat.

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