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    There’s a reason why dogs are hailed as ‘man’s best friend.’ They’re incredibly loyal, sweet and silly- they make us laugh, keep us company and fulfill our lives in the most special way. The sad thing is, our dogs don’t live for all that long and when they pass it can be truly devastating. However, there are things you can do to help prolong your dog’s life, so they stay happy and healthy well into old age.

    Don’t Smoke In The Room With Them

    Just like humans, our animals can be affected by passive smoking. There have been many cases of dogs and cats developing lung cancer where their owners constantly smoke with them in the room. This can be a massive source of guilt, as it’s something that most people don’t give a second thought to. Now that you know be sure to leave the room when you smoke, so your pets aren’t breathing in the harmful fumes. You get to decide what you do with your body, and it’s your choice. Just don’t allow them to be affected by it.

    Feed Them a Good Quality Dog Food

    A good quality dog food will be higher in protein and nutrients that dogs need. Cheaper brands often bulk out their food with wheat which a lot of dogs are intolerant too, causing digestive issues and yeast overgrowths. These present themselves as itchy, smelly skin with a musty odor and infected ears. Better brands will use things like sweet potatoes instead of grains which are much kinder to your pooches system. You will pay extra for good quality dog food, but it’s so worth it to keep your best friend happy and healthy. You can find out more about the right foods to pick here.

    Go For Regular Vet Visits

    It’s recommended that dogs between the ages of one and ten years visit the vet annually. This allows them to take their weight and check things like their eyes, joints, and teeth to make sure everything is as it should be. It means any problems are picked up early, saving trouble later down the line. Even if your dog is healthy, make sure he’s scheduled in for a yearly appointment.

    Make Sure They Get The Right Amount of Exercise

    There’s no set amount of time that dogs need to be walked each day. It will vary depending on size, age, breed, and personality- some dogs are naturally more energetic and will need longer and brisker walks. Maybe they are prone to chewing or destructive behavior if they’re not drained of their energy. Other dogs are lazier or just more placid and require less so work out what’s best for your pooch. As your dog gets older they will naturally slow down a little, don’t push them too far as this can be bad for their joints. Your dog should be tired after a walk, but not so exhausted they can barely move or in any kind of discomfort.

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