Posted on July 13, 2012 9:39 am

Give a Pound

Get Chris to Vet School

I need to raise £40,000 to pay for vet school (read my full story here), it seems a lot however if just 40,000 people give just £1 I will get there. Your £1 will:

  • Make my dream of being a Vet come true.
  • Provide animals with a strong advocate for the next 40 years.
  • Invest in someone that believes Conservation begins with Education.
  • Gives you my diary, where you can read about the good (and bad) of every day
  • Pay it forward: When I graduate I will donate at least £1000 a year in time and medicine to animal owners in financial hardship.
  • Get my video and photo updates

Click the button below to give a pound right now, or use the button on the right to automatically give £1 a month, it may not seem a lot however it will make a big difference! If you want to view my offer letter, personal reference and newspaper appearances check my supporting documents.

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