Posted on July 5, 2012 10:58 pm

Help Me Stay In Vet School!

I am currently studying in Vet School, however I need your help to raise the tuition I desperately need to stay here. I took the decision to leave the UK and move to Slovakia to follow my dream of being a vet however I still need to raise £40,000 to cover my costs over the next 4 years. I didn’t take this decision lightly, if I stayed in the UK it would have cost me over £110,000 instead of the £40,000 I will pay here.

There is no government funding or loan scheme for postgraduate study in the UK, let alone abroad. The UK also does not offer private education loans unline the USA so I am reliant solely on my supporters through this website and any work that I can find to fund my education. You can view my offer letter and a personal reference from my current tutor in the supporting documents – I will be updating this to include my official study index once I recieve it back signed by Rector of the University.

It is my dream, and I have worked extremely hard to get here so for the first time ever I am asking for help. You can set up a regular monthly donation from just £1 on the right of this page or there is a donate button on the right that you can use to securely make a donation to my vet school fund via paypal (or credit/debit card).

For anyone that donates any amount if you want to be listed on my sponsors page with your name and a link please contact me after you make your donation with the name and link.

For businesses I am also offering the opportunity to sponsor a day from my diary for a minimum donation of £50. I will be updating my diary here each day for the next 4 years, and you can pick any date that is avaliable (first come first served). Each entry is tweeted on my twitter @vetschooldiary and posted on my facebook page. In the past few days since I started this my followers are already increasing rapidly, and they will keep growing!

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If you cannot help yourself, please take a minute to use the buttons below to share this on twitter and facebook as you may be the one that finds my guardian angel!

Chris Allen